Moving sensors at the service of your company.
Why choose Us?

Alert Systems. Always watching over your business.

Receive instantly on your phone all the critical information about your business or a particular process. Execute decisions from the APP and optimize the operation of your company.

Why choose Us?

Native or Hybrid Applications With distribution on Marketplaces.

Whether we follow one path or the other, we adapt to the budget and needs of the company and the project. We will deliver a global quality product.

Why choose Us?

M-Commerce Integrations with all kinds of systems.

We can integrate the APP with an e-commerce, a booking engine, ERPs, or CMS. You can count on us to develop the mobile stage of your project, whatever it may be.

Mobile Apps for IOS and Android

Hundreds of sensors and mobile resources at the service of your company.

mobile systems is a tremendous opportunity for almost all organizations. From control and monitoring systems for the company's mobile assets, to the live communication of information from different business processes. Mobile devices make available to an organization, a large number of sensors and with them, thousands of possibilities. We, from websi , are ready to develop the app that best suits your business, or the software that you already have implemented in your company, such as e-commerce sites, CRM, ERP, CMS and plus...

We also love working on the integration of mobile applications with specific equipment, such as cameras, thermometers, air conditioners and more.

In this sense, we have all the skills that your company needs. Let's talk!

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How do we work?

Fast service loops, with their deliveries that ensure speed and accuracy.

Each iteration begins with a meeting to set boundaries, then the way forward is discussed and the work plan is sent to the development department (where assigned tasks are developed and unit tests are built). Once the tests are approved, the integration tests are carried out and a sub version is released. Finally, the results are presented in a meeting that closes the loop and opens the next.

In this way, each project will last 'n' loops, and each loop lasts no more than 10 days. This methodology ensures high visibility and excellent monitoring of the project, with minimal deviations.

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