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Why choose Us?

Firmware / Hardware. Rapid prototyping.

Analysis, design and firmware development for rapid prototypes using the latest tools on the market.

Why choose Us?

Mobile / Cloud integration Connected devices.

We work with various connectivity technologies: WiFi, Bluetooth, ethernet, LoRA, etc.

Why choose Us?

Firmware Development on various platforms.

We use the latest technology which allows us to adapt to any hardware platform.

DEV Firmware

From rapid prototyping to EVT / PVT design, pre-compliance, functional testing, and production support.

Whether you need it, or if you imagine it ... We can make it happen. From 8-bit MCU with limited memory to 32-bit Cortex-M / A, we're passionate about developing quality code! We excel in optimized C / C ++ firmware design using IAR Workbench or GCC ARM toolchain (Eclipse, Atollic, etc.) As a team, we keep up to date with the latest technologies and invest in industry-standard tools that result in a development process that consistently produces agile, portable code that won't block your product's roadmap.

Part of our application development experience includes:

  • Apple HomeKit and iAP2 devices.
  • Wearables with custom inertia detection algorithm (IMU / AHRS filter, HAR, Kalman / Weiner)
  • IoT devices with Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth / LE, Zigbee, LTE Cat-M1 / NB-IoT over TCP / IP / HTTP / REST, CoAP, MQTT
  • HMI with segmented or color LCD / touch with / without accelerated window manager (emWin / TouchGFX)
  • Secure Boot Loader with Over-the-Air Firmware Update (FOTA)

Do not hesitate to contact us, we can surely help you turn your idea into reality.

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How do we work?

Fast service loops, with their deliveries that ensure speed and accuracy.

Each iteration begins with a meeting to set boundaries, then the way forward is discussed and the work plan is sent to the development department (where assigned tasks are developed and unit tests are built). Once the tests are approved, the integration tests are carried out and a sub version is released. Finally, the results are presented in a meeting that closes the loop and opens the next.

In this way, each project will last 'n' loops, and each loop lasts no more than 10 days. This methodology ensures high visibility and excellent monitoring of the project, with minimal deviations.

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