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Much More than just ecommerce, we provide entire business solutions
Why choose Us?

Websites.To Sell On line.

A website that allows selling online is no longer a differential competitive advantage, on the contrary, if you do not already have it, it is an urgent point to improve. We assure you the best cost benefit for your online web applications.

Why choose Us?

CMS and Management Portals.Communicate efficiently.

We combine our own and third-party tools to ensure that your company communicates better, increasing reservations, improving leads, optimizing the operation of branches and improving point-to-point communication in all the management processes that demand it.

Why choose Us?

APIs, Web Services & Integrations. Connecting we do not add, we multiply.

We make your web systems integrates with third-party technological solutions, or on the contrary, we open your systems so that other companies can use its resources. Wide availability of APIs that provide great benefits in their consumption, and in turn, open excellent business opportunities.

How do we work?

Fast service loops, with their deliveries that ensure speed and accuracy.

Each iteration begins with a meeting to set boundaries, then the way forward is discussed and the work plan is sent to the development department (where assigned tasks are developed and unit tests are built). Once the tests are approved, the integration tests are carried out and a sub version is released. Finally, the results are presented in a meeting that closes the loop and opens the next.

In this way, each project will last 'n' loops, and each loop lasts no more than 10 days. This methodology ensures high visibility and excellent monitoring of the project, with minimal deviations.

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What improve the ecommerce systems that we propose?

Processes that seek better organization in your relationships.

The e-commerce do not pursuit onlyto sell a product or service through a website. Although, it is the first thing you can think of, the sale, is just one of the objectives they pursue. At Websi, as in any technology consultancy seriously, we look at e-commerce sites as the tip of the iceberg of an organization ... E-commerce systems integrates with an entire ecosystem that results in true virtual structures of a business. An ecommerce portal must be part of a business suite tools. .

The premise, then, is that any connected system could be created to improve relationships, not only with Clients (electronic commerce), but also with suppliers, partners (CMS - Reporting - Businness Intelligence), employees (extra and intranet) and interdepartmental relations.

At websi , we have this vision and we make, with that orientation, web systems of all kinds: management, integrations with web apis, loyalty systems and digital marketing.

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